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Officers fired for DUI arrests of friends Georgia police chiefs file lawsuit; details include blatant corruption


A Georgia judge has green-lighted the moving forward of a lawsuit against a former Savannah Police Chief and the current Tybee Island Police Chief.

Former SMPD Chief Willie Lovett and TIPD Chief Robert Bryson are accused of protecting their inner circle of friends at any cost, including handing out badges and terminating officers who arrested them.

Lovett issued badges to his close friends to avoid being arrested by officers. However, two officers from TIPD ignored the badges and arrested the friends of the chief for DUIs, including Jay Kaminsky, whom Lovett would reportedly offer refuge at his house for extramarital sexual encounters.

“He was incapable of standing upright. At one point in the body cam footage, you can literally see him fall over to the side,” said attorney, Will Claiborne.

Bryson, Kaminsky and Lovett all met for breakfast the following morning and agreed to not only wipe the DUI charge, but fire Officer Stacy Talbert and another officer, who had made the arrest.

All in all, a sinful ring of “good ol’ boys” and scorned former officers -the latter of whom were simply trying to do their jobs- has resulted in a million-dollar lawsuit that could expose considerable amounts of corruption in both departments.

“We’ll be looking into things like what DUIs have been dismissed out in Tybee and for whom have they been dismissed, and why,”  Claiborne said.

According to WTOC, Tybee Mayor Jason Bulterman would not comment other than saying that the city Chief Bryson and fully defend against any charges.

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