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Officers cleared, body cam released in OIS in Chicago that followed deadly robbery


A police shooting in Chicago was justified despite some confusion during the incident, according to body camera footage and newly released documents.

The officer-involved shooting, which took place in May, took place after Chicago Police Officer Timothy Black attempted to apprehend a fleeing suspect, but was knocked to the ground as the suspect leapt into a car and sped away.

Firing several shots, Black was soon backed up by his partner, Officer Anthony Soria, who told Disptach what had just happened.

“He shot the victim at Subway, we chased him into this alley. The silver Nissan was waiting for him, he jumped in, he pointed a gun at us and shots were fired,” Soria said over the radio.

Not long after, Black told Soria that the suspect had shot at him.

“No that was me, he pointed at you or somebody pointed at you, I don’t know,” Soria said. “After you fell, I saw him kind of move his arm.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released a document backing the officers, citing that Soria fired a single shot and that Black fired six after the suspect “used force likely to cause death or great bodily harm.”

Two other responding officers found what is believed to be the suspect’s pistol used in the fatal robbery of Mutasim Sulieman.

According to the Sun Times, the investigation into the case is ongoing.

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