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Officer, woman shot and killed following car accident; convicted felon sought


A Louisiana man with a lengthy criminal record is now being hunted by local law enforcement in connection to the shooting of a woman and off-duty Westwego police officer.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Colonel John Fortunato named Sylvester Holt as a person of interest earlier today in regard to the shooting of an unnamed woman and WPD Officer Michael Louviere.

In the most recent incident, Officer Louviere was coming off of his night shift when he witnessed a silver Dodge Charger (driven by the unnamed woman) crash near a school. As Louviere got out of the vehicle and asked if anyone needed assistance, he was shot in the back of the head.

Authorities say the shooting was part of a domestic dispute and believe that the shooter followed the victim, though nothing can be confirmed at this time.

Louviere was rushed to the hospital, where his wife was able to be with him as he died.

Holt -who was last reported to reside in Avondale and has a criminal past of both sexual and physical assault–  was accused of first-degree rape in October of 2016, when he reportedly held a woman at gunpoint in his silver Dodge Charger and forced her to have sex with him before dumping her out on the street.

The woman agreed to a sexual assault exam, which resulted in a DNA match with Holt. At the time, Holt already had prior convictions including battery of a police officer.

According to NOLA, several sections of the area around today’s crime scene have been cordoned off, with SWAT and two air units currently combing the area for the shooter.


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