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Officer tases anti-masker mom after she refused to put one on while watching a high school football game


Samson X Horne

The Tribune-Review

A resource officer in Ohio shocked a woman with a Taser and forcibly removed her from a football game when she refused to wear a face mask in the stands.

The officer asked the woman to put on a face covering, but she refused, claiming that she had asthma, according to a statement from the Logan County Police Department obtained by NBC News.

In a Facebook post recording the incident, a woman, who the station identifies as Alecia Kitts, argued with Officer Chris Smith and started yelling.

The 3-minute-35-second video starts by showing a verbal back-and-forth between the pair. About 10 seconds in, Smith attempts to grab Kitts’ hands and she jerks away.

“Get off (of) me! I will not put my hands behind my back. I’m not criminally doing nothing wrong!” Kitts is heard yelling in the video. “What the (expletive) is wrong with you?”

Meanwhile, a woman who was initially seated by Kitts is grabbing at the officer’s wrists as he attempts to detain Kitts.

Smith says something inaudible to the woman and she stops touching him, but continues to yap in the officers face.

A woman in the background says, “I don’t think he can arrest her for not wearing a mask. This is not a warning.”

She also questions whether Smith is “a real officer.”

“Call the cops,” the unseen woman directs someone else.

“It says ‘police’ on his badge and on the side,” another woman says.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” the first replies.

Just before the 2-minute mark, the clicking of a Taser can be heard with accompanying screams from Kitts.

“Tasing this lady over not wearing a mask,” the woman is heard saying in the background.

Smith eventually gets Kitts hands behind her back, Kitts struggles as Smith forcibly escorts her down the bleacher steps.

Logan police charged Kitts with criminal trespassing and she was released at the scene, NBC reported. She was not charged for her choice not to wear a mask, but unspecified additional charges are pending, according to the station.


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