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Officer slashed in the eye and face, still able to take down suspect


The Oklahoma City Police Department says violent attacks against its officers are steadily rising and recently released a video showing one of those attacks.

According to News 9, Officer Page gets out of his vehicle to address 32-year-old Christopher McPheeters after witnesses saw McPheeters throw rocks and other objects at nearby vehicles.

McPheeters decides to run as he sees the officer walk up to him. Officer Page is able to catch up to him, though McPheeters pulls a serrated and half-broken glass bottle out of his pocket and begins to wave it wildly at the officer.

The bottle slashed Officer Page several times along the face and his eye.

The Police Chief stated that Officer Page almost lost his eye due to the slashing and could have been killed. In subsequent interviews, McPheeters admits his intent was to kill the pursuing officer.

McPheeters faces several charges including assaulting an officer.

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