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Officer shows incredible patience with drunk woman on motorized suitcase at airport before arrest

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A New York woman was arrested after going on a drunken rampage with a motorized suitcase in the Orlando Airport.

Chelsea Alston was banned from boarding her flight to New York due to the fact that attendants felt she was too intoxicated to fly.

“I don’t want no beef. I’m just trying to go home and enjoy myself,” said Alston, who claimed to have had only two drinks before her flight.

When she became belligerent, Orlando Police Officer Andrew Mamone stepped in.

“It’s OK. You just need to go over to the terminal and sober up a little bit. Get another flight,” Mamone said.

Despite Mamone’s politeness, Alston threw up the middle finger and cursed him out before riding off on her suitcase.

“Oh man, that thing kind of goes fast,” Mamone said as Alston rode away.

Mamone took calm pursuit, and asked Alston to just sober up outside the secure area.

“I just need you to get on the other side of the TSA [security checkpoint],” said Mamone, riding alongside her on his police bike. “Follow me, and we’ll roll out together.”

Alston once again became aggressive and spit on the officer.

According to Click Orlando, Alston was later accused of battering a police officer and causing more than $1,000 in damage to his cruiser.

If convicted on all charges, she faces up to half a decade in prison for each offense.

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