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Officer shot multiple times after man called 911 with intent to ambush police


VALDOSTA, Ga. — The Latest on the shooting of a police officer in south Georgia (all times local):

4:20 p.m.

Authorities say a man called 911 in south Georgia to report a break-in, then ambushed and shot the officer who came to investigate. Both men were wounded in the ensuing gunfire, and both are expected to survive.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says in a news release that 22-year-old Stephen Paul Beck called 911, saying his car was broken into Friday morning. Officer Randall Hancock came to investigate, and police say Beck shot at him as soon as he got out of his car.

He was hit twice in his protective vest and once beneath the vest in his abdomen.

The GBI says the motive is unknown, but there is no indication the shooting was connected to the shootings of 12 officers in Dallas on Thursday night. Five of those officers died.


12:40 p.m.

Authorities say a man opened fire on a police officer investigating a report of a damaged vehicle in south Georgia and was wounded when an officer returned fire.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress says the officer also was wounded, but both men are expected to survive. He says the officer was shot “multiple times” but is going to be fine.

The suspect was not identified. Childress would not discuss a possible motive.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman Scott Dutton says one of the shots hit the officer in the abdomen, just below his protective vest. Other shots hit the officer’s vest. Dutton said it’s early in the investigation, but there’s nothing to indicate that the shooting was related to the ambush of police officers in Dallas.

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  2. How about you guy’s policing yourselves better. all these cops killing innocent people. Are making you all look bad. It’s not the media nor the president. they are responding to what you policemen did. It’s your bad behavior that got you, cops into this. Do you remember the part about being Innocent until proven guilty?

    • To bad you do not go by your own words. You, by your statement, you have proven all police guilty of actions of a few and you point to all shooting of suspects as killing innocent people, even though some were proven justified and some have not even finished being investigated. But you put yourself out there claiming guilty, on all police, until proven innocent.

    • Even if what you claim was true innocent police officers were killed because of the actions of someone else. So by your standards if your neighbor was accused of child abuse should you be punished? Guilty by association?

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