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Officer shot in St. Louis County serving warrant


A St. Louis County Police officer was shot Thursday night while attempting to arrest a suspect wanted for assault with a firearm.

St. Louis County Police Sergeant Shawn McGuire reports that the officer in question was one of several who was attempting to detain an individual at a residence. During the “knock and announce,” one man flanked the officers from the side of the house and opened fire, hitting one officer in the arm. The officers reportedly did not have a chance to return fire before the suspect ran back into the home.

The wounded officer was rushed into a patrol car and taken into the hospital, where he was treated. Two officer stayed at the scene and observed the home until the tactical team could arrive.

Following an several hours-long standoff, police arrested one man and two women in the early hours of Friday night.

According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, the shooter is reported to be 28 years of age and is the suspect the police were trying to arrest in connection with an assault case.

The police officer has not been identified, but is recovering from his injury.

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