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Officer shot at in ambush-styled attack; leads to fatal OIS


Police in the California city of Fremont are investigating an officer-involved shooting (OIS) that took place on Thursday night when an assailant “ambushed” a police officer.

Capt. Fred Bobbitt told the press that an officer was driving down Civic Center Drive when he noticed a “lone male” draw a firearm and shoot at the officer, hitting the cruiser.

“The officer made an immediate u-turn, came to a stop, got out of his vehicle, deployed his rifle and engaged the suspect,” Bobbitt said.

According to the East Bay Times, the suspect took cover behind a large planter and exchanged fire before he was hit.

As two other officers arrived on the scene, the suspect began to crawl towards his weapon, eventually grabbing it and pointing it at the police.

The responding officers stopped the second gunfight before it began, fatally striking the suspect.

A police K-9 was deployed to secure the suspect, who was then given medical aid. He died seventeen minutes later.

“This is a very unfortunate incident. An extremely dangerous incident, we very well could have lost not just one, but several officers tonight, as a result of this incident,” Bobbitt said. “It’s clear that this officer was driving, was ambushed, and thankfully had the training to not just protect himself, but to protect the community.”

The incident marks the first OIS by Fremont PD for 2019 and is currently under investigation.

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