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Former police lieutenant says she never thought her “big secret” would get out

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A former police lieutenant in Colorado is speaking out about the sex tape that ruined her career- and launched a new one.

Melissa Williams, who was formerly a police lieutenant for a department in Colorado, reportedly launched her OnlyFans career during the pandemic.

Williams said she never shared the private page with anyone she knew and it was supposed to be a “big secret.”

After she was outed by a colleague in an official complaint, she was forced to turn in her badge in 2021.

“As a lieutenant, you get a notice of complaint about other employees so I opened it up fully expecting it to be one of my other employees,” she told adult star Tanya Tate on the Skinfluencer Success Podcast. “I am reading this like, ‘this is about me, this is about my OnlyFans, oh my God’… your heart is in your mouth, you can hear your heart beating in your head, your palms start to sweat.”

Despite dedicating much of her adult life to a career in law enforcement that she loved, she seemed shocked that she would have to throw it all away because she posted adult content on the internet.

“Oh my God, what the heck? This was never supposed to be anything, I never identified myself as a cop, what is going on?” she recounted. “You start to think about the worst case scenario of it all and I was like, ‘I am going to lose my job for some stupid nudies on the internet’. “I didn’t know how to react. I hand the phone to my husband and he is like ‘oh ok’… you don’t know how to respond, you just don’t.”

According to the Daily Star, the former officer quickly spiraled into a “mental health crisis.”

“All I ever wanted to do was be a cop and suddenly I am staring down and that is disappearing,” she said, seemingly oblivious to the concept of accountability.

Despite the agency receiving a metaphorical black eye due to her behavior, Williams received a $30,000 severance when she departed from the agency.

Since then, she has dedicated her time to full-time work on OnlyFans, particularly when it comes to police fetishes.

Now, her $30,000 severance pales in comparison to the nearly $30,000 she makes every month, at least by her own reporting.

Though she has reportedly been embarrassed by media coverage, this hasn’t stopped Williams from going to the tabloids on several occasions to talk about her career.

“I look back on my whole life and all the jobs I’ve had because I’ve had several but by far hands down this is the most fun,” she said. “Anyone can do this, just don’t let anyone drag you down, don’t listen to the negativity.”

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