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Officer safety issues arising out of new ‘community action’ app


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Known as “Cell 411” the app is essentially an anarcho-capitalist’s dream. Designed for communities to “handle” situations through micro-social alerts- allowing people who are close to you an opportunity to assist you if you run into a problem- from a broken-down car to “being bullied”.

Unfortunately for police, the app also allows you to alert people when you’re being pulled over or are actively “cop-blocking.” Since the app tracks people’s’ movement in real time, it also alerts others to the location of the officer engaging the user, which becomes a major concern for officer safety issues.

According to their website, “Cell 411 is an app and a micro social network which allows users to quickly contact each other or groups of friends and family members in case of emergencies. The app is designed to work quickly, provide instant GPS coordinates to your entire group to the current location, offer turn-by-turn directions to the location and even stream live video.”

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