Officer posts powerful message after ticketing teen for driving 100 mph


    An Ohio police officer from North Ridgeville stopped a young adult going well over the speed limit recently, and penned an open letter to serve as the ultimate warning.

    The unnamed officer reportedly stopped the 18-year-old driver on State Road 10, who was going 100 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

    The officer issued a fined citation, and later, a dire warning on social media.

    Posted to the North Ridgeville Police Department’s Facebook page, the officer wrote the following:

    To the 18 year old kid I stopped on SR 10,

    You’re welcome. I’d like to believe that you were minutes away from creating an unspeakable Christmas tragedy when I stopped you. If not only killing yourself, you were well on your way to killing some innocent person who was minding their own business doing nothing else wrong but being in front of you.

    You said you didn’t realize how fast you were going. That’s a lie. You may not realize when you’re doing 45 in a 35 but you are fully aware of every mile per hour at 100. You realize it with every bump you hit. You realize it as you pass cars so fast the wind moves your car. You realize it every time you drift over the line and when you move the wheel the car reacts a lot quicker than you’re used to. You absolutely realized it.

    You were scared when I stopped you. You were visibly shaking and breathing hard. Unfortunately, you were scared one minute too late and for the wrong reason. You should have been scared that you were trying to kill yourself. I know you’re invincible. I know that you can’t even fathom your own death.

    I can tell you dozens of stories of dead and broken 18 year old bodies that I’ve pulled from cars. Broken bodies that I’ve found in front yards after crashes. Unrecognizable bodies. They thought they were invincible too. They weren’t. They were gone so they missed the part where I had to tell their parents that they were dead. Part of your soul disappears every time you have to tell parents that their kid is dead.

    I don’t KNOW your parents, but I know them. I know that when you leave every day they say “Be careful. Drive safe.” Those aren’t just words. That is the very last act of them pleading with you to come home safe. When they get a knock on the door, it’s not “Good afternoon ma’am.

    Your 18 year old son just had a massive heart attack. It’s “Can we sit down? Your son has been involved in a very serious crash. I’m so sorry. He’s died.” When you leave the house they know that, far and away, the best chance you have of dying that day is in that car. Sometimes you’re the innocent person hit by someone with no regard for anyone else and sometimes you’re the one with no regard for anyone else. Today you were the latter.

    You seemed like a really nice kid who made a bad decision. I don’t feel bad about this ticket at all. In fact, I’m proud of it. I hope you’re paying it off for months and with every payment you think about how it wasn’t worth it. I hope you slow down. I hope that when your mom tells you to “drive safe” you make a promise to her, and yourself, that you will. I hope you can envision me sitting in your kitchen telling your screaming mother that you have been killed.

    Slow down. Please. You are not invincible. I promise.

    An attempt to identify the officer was made, but the North Ridgeville Police were not available for immediate comment.

    Far too often, drivers on the road -be they 16 years of age or 61- often become lost in their own little world, sandwiched between a seat and a steering wheel.They become complacent, reckless, and above all, selfish. Even worse, some get behind the wheel while under the influence. In any case, a vehicle can quickly become a weapon of mass destruction, especially when lives are lost due to incompetence.

    Often times, when they are stopped and punished for their infractions and wanton behavior, they feel slighted when they have to face up for their actions. However, any good officer will tell you that traffic laws exist for a reason- and that there is a a long, bloody and tragic history that goes along with those laws.

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