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Officer narrowly misses getting crushed by own cruiser after truck driver rear-ends it


A frightening scene caught on camera in Wisconsin, as a police officer is nearly crushed to death when someone rear-ends her cruiser.

The Hudson Police officer was reportedly helping a stranded motorist Monday morning on the I-94 Bridge in Washington County.


Dash cam footage shows the cop walking back to her squad car. A few seconds later, she’s seen quickly jumping off to the side, as she sees a driver coming straight towards her.

Screen shot from video
Screen shot from video

The driver of a pick-up truck rammed into the back of her patrol car– sending it careening across all lanes of traffic, then into a wall.

The Hudson Police Dept put out a warning on their Facebook page after the incident, saying: “SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER!!!”  They want drivers to remember to always move over when seeing an emergency vehicle with its lights on.

No one was seriously hurt in the accident, ABC5 reported.

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