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Officer killed near Cincinnati was ambushed


An Ohio man called police to tip them off about a man with a gun, before lying in wait to kill the first officer on the scene.

Trepierre Hummons, 21, made two phone calls on Friday telling police he had seen a man with a gun, giving a description of himself.

Then he waited for officers to arrive.

Hummons shot and wounded Officer Sonny Kim multiple times, despite the officer’s protective vest. He also shot at a probation officer who arrived on the scene moments later, according to Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

Officer Sonny Kim, who was fatally shot this morning following a shootout.  Image credit:  Enquirer Twitter page
Officer Sonny Kim, who was fatally shot this morning following a shootout. Image credit: Enquirer Twitter page

He then struggled with the 48-year-old officer over his gun.

Officer Kim struggled as he bled, but could not hold on to his weapon.

When another officer, arrived, Hummons used Officer Kim’s gun to fire at him but the officer returned fire.

Hummons and Mr Kim died later in hospital.

Officer Kim, a father to three sons, spent his spare time as a karate instructor and his students laid bouquets of flowers outside his school after hearing of his death.

Hummons had been arrested on burglary, robbery and for illegally carrying a concealed weapon as a teenager, police tsaid, and he had also been an adult member of a local gang.

On the day of the shooting, he had been reported to police for a sex offence.

Police chief Blackwell said later that Hummons had wanted to be killed by police, adding that he had written a farewell message on his Facebook page which received likes and comments, as well as sending messages to a handful of friends, some of which detailed his plans for “suicide by cop”.

Mr Blackwell said he had hoped police would have been informed but added: “That didn’t happen in this case, unfortunately, and we lost one of our best police officers.

“We lost a brother, but right now my heart is broken more for his three boys who lost their father, and his wife who lost her husband. We are devastated that Officer Kim, who came to work today, did not get to go home.”

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