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Officer kidnapped during arrest, ends after OIS


Washington DC police have released body cam video showing an officer attempting to make an arrest of a potentially armed man, the suspect then attempting to flee in an SUV, and the officer going for a high-speed ride in the back as he attempts to get the suspect to stop the vehicle.

According to WUSA, three officers surround the man, identified as Natango Robinson, accused of chasing another person with a weapon. Robinson was in the driver’s seat of an SUV as two officers try to pull him out and the third officer open the back seat door.

Robinson refuses to budge and then puts the car in driver and hits the gas pedal. The two officers roll away from the speeding vehicle, while the third officer holds on and pulls himself into the vehicle.

The officer shouts to Robinson to stop and put the car in park, he goes roughly two city blocks before the officer shoots Robinson into his side in an attempt to get him to stop.

Robinson continues and the officer tucks and rolls out of the car as it was going approximately 20-miles-per-hour.

The suspect carries on and was eventually arrested after he checked himself into the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound.

The officer was treated for road rash and has been placed on administrative leave.

Robinson faces multiple charges including kidnapping and assault on an officer.

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