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Officer Khillah saves man from fire, de-escalates tense firearm situation at traffic stop in same shift


While KPDS Officer Amir Khillah spent his Sunday putting a man behind bars on multiple weapons and drug charges after a traffic stop, it wasn’t the highlight of his time on duty.

Earlier in Khillah’s shift, he responded to a kitchen fire, carrying a man out of his own burning home.

Shortly after, Khillah pulled a car over and immediately noticed something didn’t smell right with the situation.

“I detected an odor of marijuana, before I had a chance to question the subject about the marijuana, he reached to the center console and handed me a baggy of marijuana and said that is all, and that he wanted me to cut him a break,” he said.

Looking the 33-year-old driver over, Khillah started to scan the vehicle for possible threats, steeling himself for a possible armed encounter.

“He kept looking to the right in the passenger seat he did that two times while I questioned him, and that drew my attention to a plastic bag that was on the seat that contained a firearm,” he recounted.

While prepared to use deadly force, Officer Khillah decided to utilize escalation of force techniques to potentially skirt a lethal situation.

“He reached toward the general area a couple of times and I gave him verbal commands not to reach for the weapon,” Khillah said.

The suspect then attempted to swallow the drugs, resulting in him being detained and rushed to the hospital. Later, the suspect (who now is being held on charges such as probation violation, possession of a controlled substance and carrying a concealed weapon) thanked Khillah for not shooting him.

According to WWMT, Khillah was just glad both men could live to face another day.

“My biggest fear is that I would have to do something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life or my boys would grow up without a dad,” he said. “But I’m thankful I got to go home.”


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