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Officer in hot water after prisoner uploads video rant from cell after officer gave phone back

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

A Brooklyn, NYPD Officer is in trouble after he gave back a prisoner’s cell phone, leading to the prisoner uploading a rant from his cell onto social media.

According to the New York Daily News, Housing Officer John Grygorcewicz was issued disciplinary action, which may result in the loss of vacation days, officials said.

The incident began on Monday when Grygorcewicz was at the 69th Precinct, escorting prisoner Terrence “Krime Balla” Sheard, 29. Sheard had been taken into custody that afternoon for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend during an altercation in an apartment on East 108th S in Brooklyn, NY.

While Sheard was in the holding cell, he asked Grygorcewicz if he could use his phone, which had been confiscated earlier. Though NYPD rules state that officers cannot give prisoners their phones, Grygorcewicz did so anyway.

Sheard then used the phone to create a 50-second video of himself ranting about the unfairness of his arrest, claiming his innocence and blaming his girlfriend for the arrest. “Bitch got me in jail,” he wrote before posting the video to his wall.

After he posted the video to Facebook, it got at least 400 views. Police found out about the Facebook video when Sheard’s mother called the precinct to find out where he was. Sheard stated that he is remorseful and never meant to get the cop in trouble. “I didn’t do this to hurt him,” he said.

Sheard then explained that he was in the process of leaving his live-in girlfriend when she called police to get back at him. Once at the precinct, he asked Grygorcewicz if he could have his phone back to call people to go pick up his things from the apartment. “I wanted people to know that she got me arrested for bulls**t,” he said. “I put up the video to show that, look what she did. It wasn’t to blame the police.”

Sheard flatly denied that police mistreated him in any way, despite a claim from relatives of his girlfriend that he was abused during arrest. He said police made him delete the video. Sheard was arraigned Tuesday and released without bail. He is accused of pushing his girlfriend.

Some Officers feel the NYPD should take it easy on Grygorcewicz. “This is a good cop,” a fellow officer said. “He tried to be nice to the perp.”

According to NYPD Public Affairs, “the incident is under internal review.”


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