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Officer gets into a foot chase with suspected car thief, body cam records fatal OIS


A New Mexico officer says he thought his and his fellow officer’s life were in danger as they cornered a suspected car thief and he shot him four times.

According to The Eastern New Mexico News, Clovis police Sergeant Dagoberto Rodriguez recognized the stolen vehicle on his way to a report of shots fired call.

The vehicle was parked on the side of the road, and when Sergeant Rodriguez got out to confront the suspect he started to run away.

Officer Brent Aguilar, who was right behind Rodriguez, caught up to the two.

In the recently released body cam video, you can hear Rodriguez yell out that Chavez had something in his hand. Aguilar then told the suspect to get on the ground and then fired four bullets into him.

Those gunshots proved fatal.

Police eventually found Chavez had drugs in the car and on his person, though they did not find a weapon.

The District attorney ruled that officer Aguilar was justified in the fatal shooting.

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