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Officer faces discipline after attempting to rescue family from flood waters


There’s an old saying that no good deed goes unpunished.  That would be the scenario as a Haughton police officer faces discipline for going to rescue a mother and daughter who were left clinging to a tree in rising floodwaters while her son steadied himself top of their SUV.

According to the mother, Jamie Stathem, seeing the flashing blue lights coming down the road was truly a blessing, according to KSLA.

“When that Haughton police officer was coming down the road, that’s what gave us the will power to give us the strength to keep holding on,” adds Stathem.

The reason the officer faces discipline however, is what happened next.  As the waters rose, his SUV was pushed off the road by rising waters, and he jumped off and went to Stathem and their children.  Even though he now needed to be rescued as well, Stathem was comforted just knowing he was there.

First responders ultimately made it there to rescue all of them by boat.

Haughtont Chief Rodney Farrington confirmed to KSLA that there is a special public meeting to be held tonight, March 15th, regarding the officer’s violation of policy and procedure.

When officer, who doesn’t wish to be identified, was asked if he’d do it again, he said yes.

“Even though he was stuck out with us, I knew it made me feel better knowing he was that close. It was the sense of security we needed to hang on that night,” adds Stathem with tears in her eyes.

“Just knowing he was that close helped.”

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  1. I hope the good citizens rake Chief Farrington over the coals for this one.

    What is it with some of these brass hats lately? They are far too willing to punish their subordinates for doing the best they can under trying circumstances. The rank and file are already under overzealous scrutiny from Cop Blockers, Black Lives Matter, and a host of other people who are not willing to give them the benefit of objectivity; they don’t need their command structure adding to the weight.

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