Home News Officer dons "full riot gear" for spider extermination

Officer dons "full riot gear" for spider extermination



Someone alerted police in Golden, Colorado about a disturbance right inside their own police headquarters. Turns out, a black widow spider was found lurking in the hallway on Wednesday.

According to 9News, “One of Golden PD’s finest, Officer Carreno, bravely donned full riot gear and went in to exterminate the offending arachnid.”


Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only creepy crawler in the building. Black Widows were also found in one of the department’s radio closets.

There was another “terrifying discovery” by an officer who found one on his vest in the locker room– according to the report – but that one got away.

The Golden Police department decided that in the interest of safety they wouldn’t post mug shots of the “invaders.”

Golden PD posted on their Facebook page: “the scariest call of the night at Golden PD. Officers located a suspicious party hanging out in the hallway. After further investigation, it was discovered that not just one, but several black widow spiders were invading the premises. Decked out in full riot gear, Officer Carreno bravely exterminated the offending arachnids. For the safety of all of us, we are not posting pictures of the invaders.”

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