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Officer chases down, tases armed gang member in Oklahoma


A Tulsa Police officer took off like a rocket out of his patrol vehicle in pursuit of an armed suspect, spanning a long distance before taking the bad guy down with a Taser.

The Gang Unit officer made a mad dash after the male suspect, maintaining a quick pace as he pursued through a building’s breezeway and then down through a field.

Eventually, the suspect -who was running with his pants just above his knees- couldn’t outrun the officer any longer, and soon came within range of the lawman’s Taser.

Riding the lightning, the suspect fell to the ground and was detained. A full-size 1911 pistol and drugs were found on his person.

“You need to get you some CrossFit, son!” the officer said to the low-stamina suspect, identified as Micah Fitzpatrick.

The incident took place on September 13, and was captured on body camera. Police attempted to speak to Fitzpatrick due to his wearing of suspected gang colors.

Fitzpatrick was booked into the Tulsa County Jail for gang-related offenses, aggravated assault and battery, resisting arrest, carrying drugs and alcohol into jail and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

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