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Off-duty officer warns thief that she would “kill him” during attempted robbery


Log #2023-0000239 3rd Party 3 from COPA Chicago on Vimeo.

A potential thief was on the wrong end of a struggle with an off-duty officer after he lunged for her weapon as a newly released video shows the two wrestle.

According to the NY Post, the unnamed off-duty officer had just broken up a fight between four individuals when she was talking to the man, identified as Leevon Smith. As she began to walk away, Smith lunged for her gun and the two began to fight each other. As they fall to the ground, two bullets fire into Smith. The officer then fires a third.

The incident happened in January. The Police Accountability Board just released the video and 911 calls.

After the shooting, the officer can be heard saying to Smith, “I told your dumba** I’ll kill you.”

The officer then flags someone down to call 911 to assist Smith, who later died due to his wounds.

The officer reported to the dispatcher and investigators that Smith attempted to steal her off-duty weapon. She was placed on 30-day administrative leave, which is customary for officer-involved shootings.

No word if the officer will face any charges or discipline.

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