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Off-duty officer fatally shoots armed man trying to rob mothers with children outside school in Sao Paulo


A gunman who attempted to rob several mothers outside a Brazilian school found himself mortally wounded after discovering he had messed with the wrong mother.

While 42-year-old Military Police Corporal Katia da Silva Sastre was not expecting a fight on (Brazil’s) Mother’s Day last Saturday, she was most certainly able to put a stop to one outside of the Sao Paulo private school her children attended.

The armed encounter began after 21-year-old Elivelton Neves Moreira drew a revolver on a crowd of mothers and children, demanding that one bystander relinquish a wallet and phone.

Seeing her opportunity, the Corporal drew her sidearm from a handbag and -while not entirely aware of what was behind her target- fired three shots in quick succession, incapacitating the man and allowing her to gain control of his .38 revolver before standing triumphantly over her vanquished foe.

Moreria later died at the hospital, the irony of being killed by one of the very mother’s he threatened no doubt lost on him as he left the mortal coil.

Surviving to fight another day, Sastra was hailed a hero and was even honored by Sao Paulo Governor Marcio Franca on Sunday.

In recognition of valor, the mother of two, wife of a Lieutenant and twenty-year veteran of the force was given a purple orchid plant.

According to the Daily Mail, the governor expressed regret that the suspect died but admitted it sends a clear message to those who wish to do others harm.

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