Home News Off-duty officer fatally shoots armed man threatening customers at Kansas Costco

Off-duty officer fatally shoots armed man threatening customers at Kansas Costco


An off-duty police officer in Kansas was forced to open fire on a man who brandished a handgun inside of a Costco over the weekend.

Police in Lenexa report that the incident unfolded late Sunday morning when a man began brandishing a firearms at a store, yelling at individuals and threatening them before he was fatally engaged.

Shortly after shots were fired, police responded to the 911 call to find that it was a Kansas City (KS) lawman who had opened fire.

Police are puzzled as to what the suspect was trying to accomplish, but are glad he was stopped before anything more serious took place.

“I don’t know what his intent was, but before anything really bad could happen, he was stopped,” said Captain Wade Borchers with the Lenexa Police Department.

According to KCTV5, bystanders emotionally described the chaos.

“You could hear from the front of the store,” one woman said. “A bunch of people were yelling, ‘Everybody get down! Everybody get to the back of the store!’ We just kind of ran through the neighborhoods to see how far away we could get from the building.”

“I just really hope and pray,” she added, “that things get better across the country.”

Costco employee Miguel Robles had a front-and-center view of the event.

I saw a gentleman standing at the door yelling at everybody. It looked like a .45 revolver in his hand. I just turned around and I started clearing people away from the door and pushing people away. I saw kids and told everybody to grab their kids and keep going, keep going, keep going.”

Fellow employee Ryan Vacca said the man was “yelling something about the fire marshal and the doors. It sounded like gibberish.”

The store was scheduled to re-open this morning.

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