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Off-duty Detroit officer praised for calming accident victim


Confronted with situations outside their required duties as law enforcement officers, cops go above and beyond the call of duty every single day all over the country.

So, when he was hailed as a hero for just helping out a little boy, Detroit PD Lieut. Joe Tucker says he didn’t want any special praise for his actions.

But because someone was recording with a cell phone, he’s getting it anyway.

When Alana Beard was driving her four children to school Thursday morning she got into an accident on Detroit’s west side.

Tucker was off-duty at the time, but when the 22-year police veteran passed by the scene he decided to stop and help out. He says he saw a young boy on the ground – alone, nervous and crying — while neighbors were tending to the other children. The 10-year old was not seriously injured, but frightened and banged up from the crash.

The video shows the officer lying down next to Johntez Byrd, who had a blanket over him. Tucker pulled out his phone so the boy could watch motorcycle videos, and calm down.

Alana Beard was so moved by what Tucker did that she later found the Lieut. on Facebook. “I wanted him to know that we really appreciated that,” Beard told local media.

“It’s touching,” Lt. Tucker said when he was later interviewed by Local 4 about the story.

As for little Johntez, he wanted to thank the officer for letting him play on his iphone while EMS was taking his family to the hospital.

Lieut. Tucker comes from a long line of police officers. His mother, father and grandmother were all Detroit police officers, so helping others is in his blood.

But Tucker says the instincts of a father, a man and a human being kicked in, when he saw that the boy on the ground needed someone to comfort him.

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