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Odessa residents infuriated over slashed police tires and talk of disbanding department


People in the town of Odessa, Missouri are demanding answers after the police chief was re-instated following allegations that he assaulted an officer.

Shortly after that announcement was made, the tires on all five of the city’s police cars were found slashed and two officers resigned. The turmoil surrounding the police dept has local residents very upset. They also say the timing of the vandalism is very suspicious.

Rumors were swirling that the police dept might disband after a closed-door meeting on Tuesday night. City leaders are reportedly discussing possibly disbanding Odessa PD and contracting with the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

The townspeople aren’t happy about that. “They would take a bullet for any one of us,” said one angry resident. “We need our OPD, we back our blue,” said one of the residents starting a petition drive to save the force.

The city, which is 35 miles east of Kansas City, has a population of about 5,300, according to the 2010 census.

One EMT who spoke with FOX 4 was outraged, asking how he is supposed to do his job, with no police officers to back him up.

According to the local media report, the city has been left with six full-time officers and two working patrol cars.

Efforts have been made by the Mid-Missouri Regional FOP Lodge 16 to create a police union in Odessa.  Many people say Odessa city leaders and the police chief have fought those efforts for months.

The city administrator refused to answer questions about the police dept., when he was approached by reporters at a Wednesday budget meeting.


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