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Oakland PD suffers 11 minute comms blackout… again


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The police of Oakland, California found themselves talking into thin air last Friday after their communications network went down, and it was only the most recent occurrence in a string of blackouts over the past few months.

According to ABC 7, Oakland’s public safety radio system has failed at least three times over the past few months.

While the most recent outage was only 11 minutes, systems consultant David Cruise claims it has been much worse and can be a hazard to public safety.

“They’re serious enough where no one can get on the air for periods of 30 minutes at a time,” he said.

Cruise claims that it would appear Oakland’s communications system is difficult to fix because the exact cause of the malfunction is unknown.

Previously, it was discovered that cellular signals would cause audio bleeding into radio channels. Despite fixing this singular issue, other issues continued to arise.

In addition to the officers overlooking the safety of the city, Oakland PD’s public school division also relies on the glitchy communications network.

“We’ve had some outages and we’re monitoring OPD’s radio systems,” said Jeff Godown, Oakland’s Unified School District Police Chief. “OPD’s tried to work with us and they’re trying to fix that problem.”

Oakland PD’s goal is to eventually transition the police to Alameda county’s radio system.

There are currently 754 police officers active with OPD.

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