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NYPD using Matrix-styled computer program to identify bad cops within its ranks


Source: Pexels/ NYPD Facebook

The NYPD is going full “Minority Report” when it comes to identifying bad apples within its ranks, using a computerized algorithm to determine which officers are more reliable and trustworthy.

Known as the Risk Assessment Information Liability System (“RAILS”), the program uses collected information from several NYPD databases and other sources, including the Civilian Complaint Review Board and the DA’s office.

According to the New York Post, the software was implemented in 2017 and has been used to separate good officers from the bad ones.

RAILS looks at multiple categories, including misconduct allegations, suspensions, officer-involved-shootings, nolle prosequi notices by the DA, and other factors.

“Within each category, NYPD has established a set of thresholds that, if met, will trigger a RAILS alert on the officer,” one report on RAILS read. “Supervisors are required to acknowledge all alerts, take action to address the officer’s behavior and record such actions in RAILS by responding to a drop-down menu of suggested interventions.”

While the system is touted as being able to reduce lawsuits, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch claims RAILS is “the result of an oversight regime run amok” that’s “cooking up new ways to penalize rank-and-file” officers.

“The only sure way for cops to avoid triggering a false ‘red flag’ in RAILS will be to avoid taking enforcement action whenever possible,” he said

It is unknown if any action has been taken against officers flagged by the RAILS system.

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