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NYPD Union: Call your commanding officer before making an arrest to protect yourself


The President of the New York City Police Benevolent Association has put a warning out to all union members, protect yourself at all costs.

After the firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo yesterday, President Patrick Lynch called the leadership from Police Commissioner James O’Neil and Mayor Bill de Blasio, “rudderless and frozen.”

According to USA Today, Commissioner O’Neil agreed with a judge’s recommendation to terminate Pantaleo from his job as an officer.

Pantaleo was cleared of criminal charges for the death of Eric Garner after he put Garner in a ‘chokehold’ to subdue the 300-pound man during an arrest. Garner was being arrested for illegally selling cigarettes outside a convenience store, and did not comply with the officers’ commands.  The video of the incident went viral and has been used by some groups as an example of police brutality.

Because of the circumstance surrounding his firing, the NYPBA is telling all of its members to follow the ‘anti-police policy’ that the mayor and commissioner have put in place to protect themselves.

Those policies include contacting your superior before any use of force, though the union is calling on officers to go a step further by saying they should call their CO during any arrest.

Due to his firing, Pantaleo will not receive his pension.

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  1. Pat Lynch is pissed. We are all pissed. BUT I have a message for YOU Pat Lynch and all “Union Leaders” throughout this nation. You continuously push membership to endorse and elect Democrats because Democrats claim to have our backs, to want to fight for better conditions and pay. Well Democrats be damned! Democrats ARE THE PROBLEM FOR POLICE NATIONWIDE! When will Union Leadership wake up and wage war AGAINST DEMOCRATS! (RHETORICIAL) Stop backing Democrats, period! Find Republicans who believe in backing cops for pay and better conditions. Republicans who will fight to eliminate the layers of unjust beauracratic layers in place to destroy our cops. STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT DAMMIT!!!


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