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NYPD testing “the barnacle” to replace tickets and tire boots for parking violators


Scott R. Axelrod
Staten Island Advance, N.Y.

The NYPD’s newly announced traffic enforcement tool known as “The Barnacle” will be tested over a period of two months, according to reports.

According to WPIX, a photo of “The Barnacle,” which attaches to the violator’s windshield, was posted last week by the NYPD’s chief of transportation on X, formerly Twitter.

Described as a “windshield boot,” the device allows officials “to hold those accountable, reduce parking congestion and address cars that are a nuisance and hazard to the community,” read the post.

According to the manufacturer, Barnacle Parking, the device uses commercial-grade suction cups that attach to glass with 1,000 pounds of force, making it impossible for the owner to remove.

Motorists can remove the device themselves once they enter a code or pay a required fine, the website states.

Drivers will also have to pay a $200 deposit for the device that they’ll get back when they return it to a drop box.

A driver who attempts to operate a booted vehicle while hanging their head out the driver’s side window will set off an alarm and can be tracked with GPS.

On Staten Island, officials last summer announced a crack-down on illegally parked trucks, in which several vehicles were towed and 161 summonses were issued, officials said at the time.

Tonight was the NYPD’s 1st deployment of a windshield boot aka the “Barnacle Device.” It’s used to immobilize vehicles violating parking regulations.


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