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NYPD Sgt who never took a sick day dies just before retirement after 42-year career

Image credit: Twitter
Image credit: Twitter

Sgt Francis “Buddy” Murnane never took a sick day in his 42 year career in law enforcement. Today, the Daily Mail tragically reported that on Monday, the tenured officer passed away from a heart attack weeks before his retirement and 63rd birthday in his Staten Island home.

Terrance Murnane, a retired NYPD detective and younger brother of Buddy, had a few kind words to say about his brother.

“He wasn’t just my big brother,” said Murnane. “He was my best friend.”

“He was also the person I went to whenever I was stumped on a case because he had seen and done it all so many times. He always knew the answer.”

In his last 20 years with the department, Murnane worked on every major case, including the fatal stabbing of a six-year-old boy in an elevator last summer and the 2011 killing of Brooklyn Officer Peter Figoski.

“If you are the bad guy, the worst of the worst … Buddy Murnane has been part of the team looking for you to bring you to justice,” said former Councilman James Oddo at a 2010 City Hall ceremony.

“He has truly put community, city and country above all.”

Murnane was weeks away from reaching mandatory retirement on his birthday, April 30. According to the NYPD, he was their department’s longest-serving active officer.

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  1. Look how big he was. He was a prime candidate for a heart attack. Police owe it to the public not to get in bad shape like this does. He can’t serve the public or serve himself. Sorry that he died, but come on guys get yourself in better shape.


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