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NYPD Sergeant on Mayor’s detail claims failed drug test was due to her weave

Tracy Gittens. Image credit: Facebook

An NYPD Sergeant is claiming she failed a drug test because of her hair.

Well, not her hair- not exactly, anyway.

Sergeant Tracy Gittens -who has been with the NYPD for 13 years- claims that the hair that was plucked from her head that tested positive for marijuana was not her hair, but a strand from her human-hair weave.

Popping hot for THC, Gittens was pulled from a high-profile assignment earlier in the year and is currently sitting on paid desk duty in Queens until her departmental trial.

“She doesn’t smoke marijuana and she’s unaware how it may have gotten into her system,” one police source told The New York Post. “That’s why she’s thinking it may have been the weave.”

Adamant that she did not smoke pot, Gittens claims the drug techs snipped a hair from her weave that was not her own and likely belonged to a pot-smoker.

Not everyone is buying it, however.

“She should have said upfront ‘That is not my real hair’ so they could take the hair from somewhere else,” one unnamed officer said. “I’ve heard every excuse, but those tests are 100 percent accurate and I tend not to believe her story.”

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  1. the psychometric hair test is flawed and the test is inaccurate , the unnamed Officer who said it is accurate better hope he won’t be the next guinea pig on this hair test disaster

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