Home News NYPD Sergeant files lawsuit after suffering line-of-duty injury at Starbucks

NYPD Sergeant files lawsuit after suffering line-of-duty injury at Starbucks


An NYPD Sergeant is suing Starbucks after suffering an injury in one of their establishments.

33-year-old Sergeant Timothy Wall was injured in 2017 after attempting to restrain a violent vagrant who was unhappy about the free food offered to him by the establishment.

“He said he wanted to kill everyone at the location,” Wall said. “He went to grab the bag stating he was going to kill everyone… We didn’t know what was in the bag, so we couldn’t take the risk.”

In the past, Wall had reportedly warned the local establishment about giving away free food to emotionally unstable vagrants prior to the incident that left him in constant pain and in danger of losing his job.

“I tore my labrum and I have seven anchors in my right shoulder,” Wall said.

With ten years of NYPD service possibly going down the drain, Wall is suing Starbucks, claiming their negligence -by feeding the emotionally-disturbed homeless- led up to this incident.

It’s not that Wall hates the homeless- in fact, he offered alternative solutions.

“I just feel like it was their negligence that led to me getting hurt,” Wall said.

Starbucks blamed the injuries on “culpable conduct” and “assumption of risk.” In a statement they told CBS2, “No free food was provided nor precipitated this incident.”

However, Wall says he’s been called to the location multiple times for the same exact thing.

Currently on restricted duty, Wall soon learned his assailant didn’t stay in police custody very long- a few months later, the nomadic ne’er-do-well was picked up by police at a Starbucks in connection to a string of burglaries.

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