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NYPD sergeant accused of stuffing her panties in a subordinate’s mouth

New York Police Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra in undated Facebook photos.

A supervisor with the NYPD who once stuffed her underwear in a subordinate’s mouth is set to receive a raise and promotion.

Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, who was sued in federal court back in 2019 over the inappropriate behavior, is to be promoted to Sergeant Supervisor Detective Squad on Friday.

The aforementioned lawsuit involved Guerra and Detective Victor Falcon, after the latter complained that the former continued to leave her underwear in the unisex changing room.

“In a fit of rage, defendant Guerra ignored all protocol, retrieved her soiled underwear and violently shoved them into Falcon’s mouth and then aggressively rubbed them all over Falcon’s face,” the lawsuit describing the 2018 incident read.

According to the New York Post, the incident proved traumatic for Guerra.

“The sexually-charged and violent gender-motivated assault left Falcon traumatized and in shock … Guerra screamed in (Falcon’s) face, ‘See? They are f–ing clean!’” the lawsuit read.

Guerra will receive a nearly $2k pay bump to $120,400 with her new promotion.

Falcon, who was branded the “panty-munching cop” after the incident, claims he is confined to a desk job at Brooklyn South Narcotics and no longer performs street work.

“I’m not allowed to do anything really,” he said when reached by phone Monday. ”They don’t want me to have contact with the outside world.”

Falcon found out about Guerra’s promotion from a friend, and was distraught to learn that his alleged attacker was getting rewarded for her subpar leadership.

“Yesterday, somebody sent me a message with a picture of the orders and I’m like ‘Are you serious?’” he said. “At what point do you stop beating on somebody? You put me here for five years. You punished me. You’ve done everything you could to me. And then now on top of that, you promote her?”

Falcon’s lawyer, Paul Liggieri, said the lawsuit is still in the courts.

“She’s been promoted at the expense of my client,” Liggieri said. “Victor is in the same position as he was five years ago. He has been denied overtime. He has been denied transfers. Yet the person who sexually harassed him is being rewarded for it.”

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