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NYPD pilots flew in phallic-shaped routes in protest of their supervisor’s instructions that put them at risk

Image credit: Ad Meskens via Wikimedia Commons.

Five NYPD pilots are in hot water after flying their $4 million Cessna 208 Caravan surveillance aircraft in a penis-shaped route in protest of their supervisor.

Inspector James Coan learned of the phallic waypoint pattern after being tipped off by observers and reviewing the department’s flight-tracking software. Unwilling to handle the issue “in-house,” Coan alerted NYPD brass, initiated a hearing.

While two of the pilots were kicked from the unit, the rest were punished by being forced to perform menial tasks.

“Any of the people who complained about the mission- they got the s**t end of the stick,” a source told the New York Post. “They had to do all these menial tasks outside their job description, including washing his car.”

The “mission” in question was the source of the pilots’ consternation: Coan ordered the pilots to make frequent flights 25 miles over open water, at altitudes that would hamper the single-engine propeller aircraft’s ability to glide home in an emergency.

“If that prop goes, it’s over. You’re going to crash into the ocean,” a source said.

The plane was paid for with federal money by FEMA, and in July 2017, pilots were told to fly low over the open ocean to scan ships for radiological weapons.

Venting their frustration, five of the pilots flew the penis-shaped route, with supervisors on the ground taking notice.

According to the Post, he plane is the same aircraft that flew Mayor Bill de Blasio around while he was on vacation in Canada.

FEMA is currently looking into whether or not the NYPD misused the Cessna.

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