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NYPD officers take high road when harassed, challenged to fight by group of street idiots (graphic language)


A Twitter video showing NYPD officers refusing to fight an irate mob of local citizens has accrued over 2 million views- and depicts the kind of people police deal with on a daily basis.

Posted by Henry Hill, the video shows a Sergeant of NYPD Precinct 34 being accused of reaching for his weapon, with angry locals asking him if he felt threatened.

Denying such an action with a bit of confusion, he is told to “get the fu*k out” of the area by what appears to be the cameraman, prompting the officer to walk away amidst the bemused smile of his understanding colleagues.

“This is why you guys live out here like this,” the Sergeant said.

The crowd then began telling him to take his badge off and fight them, adding that they would “beat the s*it” out of him and demanding he perform fellatio for them.

“Go suck your own d–k. Bye,” the Sergeant responded.

Unamused and aware the situation wasn’t going anywhere, the police walked away, seemingly unwilling to arrest the men for threatening the Sergeant.

The video gives a strange but dismal peek into the daily struggles of the NYPD, who seem unwilling to do their jobs- lest they face disciplinary action or the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

According to the New York Post, Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins mirrored this sentiment, adding that several of the officers on the street that day simply don’t want to get involved, lest it end their careers.

“I spoke to several cops and they didn’t want to get involved in anything or take any police action because they felt if they did the department would go against them,” Mullins said.

The video was filmed earlier this month and was posted on March 17 at around 2:24 PM.


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