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NYPD officers in hot water over locker room prank


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NYPD brass is not happy this morning with news about some rank-and-file officers’ bad behavior toward an ambitious rookie cop.

Patrick Kurek, a 23-year-old officer with the 72nd Precinct, was off last Friday and through social media found out some of his co-workers turned his locker upside down and backwards –in retaliation for ratting some of them out.

The officers are apparently not happy with the young overachiever, who writes up to 50 summonses a month, the NY Daily News reported. It makes them look bad, one source told the paper.

They also complained that Kurek is a tattletale who goes to superiors and tells them which officers don’t give tickets when they should.

There was a time when this type of behavior was tolerated, but in this case, the commanding officer knows about the prank and once it’s discovered who was behind it, they will be dealt with accordingly.

The Daily News reports that Capt. Emmanuel Gonzalez has ordered a full investigation into the incident – calling in an evidence collection team to raise fingerprints, among other things.

One of Kurek’s colleagues posted a picture of his locker on Facebook and when Kurek realized what was going on– he stormed into the Precinct, “livid”, the Daily News source said.

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  1. They should have waited till he was back on duty and put him inside the locker before reversing up and down.

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