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NYPD officers are so fed up they are makung exodus for Long Island departments


Frustrated with the city’s treatment of them, dozens of New York’s finest are fleeing to other agencies, be they local or federal.

Approximately fifty officers have vanished as of last Friday, heading off to greener pastures.

Even those accustomed to NYPD pay are more than willing to move to Nassau County, where Long Island-area officers don’t make as much.

Many cite their mistreatment by city officials as their reason for departing.

“They are going to a department where they will be better appreciated by their community, local politicians and district attorneys who still value the job they do protecting innocent people and property over criminals,” one source told the New York Post.

Others are being poached by Department of Homeland Security entities, who are more than willing to pick up seasoned men on NYC’s dime.

“The city spent millions of dollars training these cops hoping that they would be around for another 20-plus years,” said one Manhattan officer. “That money and experience just walked out the door, putting a further drain on the city’s budget nightmare.”

It is unknown just how many will leave before year’s end.

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