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NYPD officer turned down by Port Authority for living with parents


An NYPD officer was reportedly turned down by the Port Authority Police due to the fact that he still lives at home with his parents and has childlike qualities.

28-year-old Adam Kotowski was denied entry after the agency determined he was not qualified for employment in June of last year.

The doctor who evaluated Kotowski -identified as Dr. Nancy Bloom- said that the NYPD officer “was not appropriate for the position because of his inability to be forthcoming, immaturity, lack of interpersonal skills and bland affect,” adding that he ““still lives at home with his parents and…contributes nothing toward housing or food expenses.”

A second evaluator determined that “Mr. Kotowski has a strong sense of entitlement and that he may act in an antisocial manner,” according to the New York Post.

Joining the NYPD in 2015, Kotowski has worked nights in the 18th Precinct and is described as a quiet fellow who mostly keeps to himself.

According to the New York Post, Kotowski does not pay rent by design, as his parents reportedly let him live there in order to save up enough to buy a home of his own.

Since the rejection, Kotowski has sued the Port Authority, blaming his rejection on a “personality conflict” with his interviewers.

Neither the NYPD or Port Authority wished to comment on the matter.

When ambushed by reporters outside of his home, Kotowski was surprised to discover the issue had been made public.

“How’d you find out about that?” he asked a reporter last week. “There’s not much to tell.”

Port Authority Police make around $83.99 an hour, more than $25 an hour more than NYPD officers of the same pay grade.

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