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NYPD officer run over in Times Square by Mercedes AMG


An NYPD officer is injured after a reckless driver -who seemingly has more money than sense- decided to do a burnout in Times Square.

26-year-old NYPD Officer Ian Wallace attempted to stop the driver of the Mercedes-Benz C63, which had just smoked one of America’s busiest streets with a burnout.

The driver, who did not want to interact with the police officer, swerved right and drove away, inadvertently snagging and dragging Wallace a short distance before sending him rolling down the street.

Injured but undeterred, Wallace then chased after the luxury sports car, weapon drawn and moving at breakneck speed- at least for a guy dressed in winter clothing that had been hit by a car.

“That son just sideswiped all these cars,” the man filming the event said. “He made it out [of] Times Square.”

The vehicle managed to get away and Wallace was taken to the hospital, where the New York Post claims he was treated for injuries to his back, arms, right leg and right hip.

“Police sources” used by the NYP say that Wallace was a brave officer who did what any good officer would do.

The investigation is ongoing.


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