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NYPD officer gives away MTV VMA’s dirty little secret


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An NYPD officer gave a glimpse into the deception at the MTV Music Video Awards, telling a bystander that the company hires actors to fill the crowd in order to keep things on the “up and up.”

The officer was filmed earlier this week, telling a girl that Music Television -a channel that once played non-stop music videos, but eventually became a reality TV network- hires actors to be in the crowd as a way from preventing people from ruining the aesthetic.

“MTV has a permit for this whole area,” the officer told the woman on the other side of the barricade, which kept the public off the street. “They’re actually having hired actors to come in and cheer on TV.”

When asked why, the officer said that MTV doesn’t “want people with stupid signs and stuff” to disrupt the show.

Perplexed, the woman began rambling incoherently, saying something to the effect of “wow, they don’t want people like.. ‘Too’ acting.”

Like many awards shows, the MTV Music Awards have become somewhat controversial after the 2016 election, with hosts and the ceremonies themselves taking a more politically-flavored path.

It is unknown if the NYPD officer will face any discipline for his actions.

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