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NYPD narcotics division told to stop arresting suspects over 40-years-old in memo



Head of the Narcotics Division for NYPD, Assistant Chief Brian McCarthy, signed a memo making it nearly impossible for suspects over 40 years old to be arrested on drug charges.

The ruling was presented on May 14, criticizing police for arresting people outside the demographic of 18-40.

The memo even states that there must be a written explanation for busting the middle aged crooks, filed in weekly reports.  Supervisors will have to promptly inform the the captain and get permission to arrest them.

McCarthy stated, “A previous topic of discussion has been the need to target violent offenders who are 18 to 40 years of age. It has been well established that the individuals in this age demographic are responsible for the majority of violent crime,”

Per the NY Post, “Division commanders who got that memo immediately ordered the rank and file to stop making collars in that age group and threatened officers with transfers and other discipline if they did not comply, according to multiple police sources.

According to a veteran source, Inspector Charles McEvoy was one of those threatened by the precincts commanding officer, after his team caught four older suspected dealers.

A source said, “They were all over 40 years old. They were put through the system and went down to The Tombs. And [the sergeant] was pulled into a room. He was told if he does it again, he and his team will be launched out of Manhattan North. He’s doing what he’s supposed to do. That’s his job,”

Commanding officers were chiming in on the memo at a meeting with McCarthy. One said “You’re telling us not to lock these people up? However, the people over 40, they could be your burglars, they could be responsible for car break-ins, they could be responsible for robberies,” according to sources

A spokesman for the NYPD, Stephen Davis, stated that cops “were never instructed to disregard crimes being committed by people of a certain age. No one was told that if you see someone committing a crime, and he happens to be 42 years old, that he gets a pass. That’s not the case.”




Narcotic Memo.
Narcotic Memo.

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