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NYPD Lieutenant’s lap dance from rookie gets him transferred


An NYPD rookie and one of her superiors are getting a second lookover after she was filmed giving a lieutenant a lap dance during a Christmas party. 

The Bronx-area officer went full contact with her lieutenant, who was more than happy to be a little handsy as fellow patrons watched.

The incident managed to be filmed and make its way to the internet, where it quickly became too big for the NYPD to ignore.

44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry, the married man who was involved in the incident, has since been booted to Transit Police.

A source speaking to the New York Post claimed that the lieutenant knew he made a mistake, and that the female officer -who was clad rather scantily for a cold NYC night-  was too new to the job to know better.

“Messing with your subordinate is a no-no on the job,” the source said.

Neither officer was willing to answer the phone for an interview,  and the NYPD stated only that they were looking into the matter.

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  1. Interesting how only the man has his face published and faces any repercussions.
    She’s a grown woman and should know that lap dancing, on her married boss, in any profession is a no no.


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