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NYPD lap-dancing officer posts Harley Quinn cosplay photos


A year ago, Vera Mekuli had just graduated from NYPD training and was giving her commanding officer a lap dance at a holiday party. Now, Mekuli continues to make waves in her off-time by posting a series of sexy snaps where she dresses up as the comic book criminal Harley Quinn.

It’s led the police community to ask, why is this headache still allowed to put on a uniform?

For her part, Mekuli has not created an OnlyFans account, though she has a Venmo and Cash App account linked to her Instagram page. She has only posted suggestive photos on her Instagram and none of them have featured her in uniform.

Mekuli did get into trouble over the summer as she confronted New Jersey Troopers over her brother’s DUI arrest. In the report, Troopers believed Mekuli was drunk and attempted to use her position as an NYPD officer to gain favor. Despite the incident, Mekuli was not charged with a crime nor punished by NYPD command staff.

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