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NYPD cop stripped of badge, gun after playing dice on sidewalk


An NYPD officer is accused of falsely arresting a suspect, who was being held in a patrol car nearby, while that cop was playing dice on the sidewalk.

Det. David Terrell reportedly agreed to let the suspect go if he lost the game of dice.

“I felt like I was a joke… he gambled for my freedom,” 25-year-old Kenny Shenery said.

Shenery told News 4’s I-Team that he was hanging out in the Claremont section of the Bronx when Terrell approached him. He says “let’s take him, and puts me in the car.”

Someone is heard in footage of the incident shouting to Terrell: “If you ace out right now, you gotta let him go.”

The cell phone video shows the crowd cheering as Terrell loses the game. Shenery was still taken in for loud music and held in the system for two days, the local NBC station reported.

Terrell reportedly asked Shenery about Pedro Hernandez, who was arrested multiple times by the 42nd precinct — but who had a majority of his cases dismissed.

A private investigator who represents the Hernandez family says Det. Terrell has a pattern of “randomly going out and grabbing people in the area” and trying to get them to falsify evidence on other people.

Shenery says Terrell is a bad cop who does things the wrong way, doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t follow the law and doesn’t care about the law. “He thinks he‘s the law,” Shenery added.

Terrell has since been pulled off the street and reassigned. An internal affairs investigation is now underway.

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