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NYPD bringing back plainclothes officers


New York City mayor, and former NYPD officer, Eric Adams has decided to bring back a controversial unit to help police the streets of New York.

According to NPR, Adams has vowed to reduce or end gun violence on the streets. He believes in order to maintain his promise, Adams is bringing back the controversial plainclothes unit that sees officers dressed in regular clothes patrol the streets.

The unit was disbanded in 2020 after it was found their practices were unconstitutional. Criminal justice reform advocates campaigned for years to get end the practice. They claimed that the unit used unlawful force and targeted minorities.

It was found the unit performed a number of the “stop and frisk” practices enacted under Mayor Rudy Guiliani in the 1990’s. During the peak in 2011, it was found 88% of the stops were unlawful and did not result in an arrest.

Adams has promised that this version of the unit will be different. Officers will be required to wear body cameras, track-only known criminals, and face consequences if they overstep.

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