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NYPD bans officer from driving ‘Dukes of Hazard’s’ car to work because some find offensive


A “Dukes of Hazzard’s” car resembling “The General Lee” has been seen parked at an NYPD precinct stationhouse and some passers-bys are not happy about it.

According to CBS New York, the Dodge Charger known for the Confederate flag on the roof became famous when debuted on the hit television show. The last time the program was aired was in 1985, when attitudes about the flag were quite different.


A resident in the area contacted the NYPD to complain about the vehicle, which was parked in a lot authorized for police officers. Since then, the officer has been told not to drive the car to work.

“I would feel uncomfortable driving that,” said Michael Wynn of Washington Heights. “If I was a cop, I would feel very uncomfortable.”

Image Credit:  Warner Bros.
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Other residents, who did not disclose their names, had differing opinions. One woman said, “It doesn’t bother me either way, it really doesn’t.” However, when asked, another man said, “It’s a symbol of racism, really if you think about it.”

Although there are those who oppose the flag, civil rights attorney Nadine Strossen said the displaying of the Confederate flag is clearly protected by the First Amendment.

“Government must remain neutral to any viewpoint or idea, and allow the expression of ideas, even if the vast majority of the community considers the idea dangerous, offensive, wrong, and evil,” she said.

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Image Credit: Warner Bros.

CBS New York reported that a spokesman for the department said, “Due to the fact that its presence at the NYPD facility may be considered offensive and/or inappropriate, the registered owner is being instructed that the car should not be parked on NYPD property.”

A source familiar with the officer who owns “The General Lee” replica said that he is a big fan of the show and has only driven it to the stationhouse a couple of times.

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  1. The people that keep this racist thing going are nothing but a bunch of cry babies that need to grow up. How can that flag represent slavery, when Grant himself owned slaves, and he did not actually free them until 1865. Also the Democrat party was pro slavery. Grow up and quit whining….

  2. In South Carolina, they have vanity plates with the confederate flag on it, but here we can’t even have it on a replica car? Something’s got to give on this new “everything is racist” attitude that we are letting take over the world lately. Enough is enough.

  3. I have one in my garage and I love in. Neighborhood full of Mexicans and I really don’t care if they get offended, and if they are they know better to keep it to themselves

  4. I wonder if this Civil Rights Attorney would feel the same way if this were a BMW with a Swastika on the hood of the car?
    Also while the car was parked on NYPD property it should have been ticketed for illegal window tints!

  5. Those offended by this are the “racists”!! The crap that has been taught them from an early age, by the ones who profit from the perpetuation of hatred… How stupid can people act? Read the article to find out!


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