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Nude Nanny Cam: Woman suing former family for spying on her, keeping videos and images

Source: Derek Smith Law Group

A former live-in nanny is suing the father of her former family for placing a secret nanny cam in her room and recording her while she changed.

According to the NY Post, Kelly Andrade was hired by the Esposito family through the Cultural Care Au Pair company to watch their four young children.

She had a private room to sleep in and says Michael Esposito was constantly in her room “fixing” the smoke alarm in the ceiling in her room and repositioning it.

She later checked the device for herself and found a camera and memory card inside. She examined the memory card on her computer and found plenty of nude images and videos of herself.

Michael found out that she knew and attempted to confront Andrade in the home. Instead, she locked the door and escaped out of her bottom-floor window. She eventually found a police station to report what happened and turn over the device and memory card.

Esposito was arrested in March and still faces criminal charges.

His attorney contends the camera was installed for security reasons and was not located in her bedroom.

Andrade are citing both Esposito and the Au Pair company in the civil suit.

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