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Now they want to get rid of K9s: Group calls for end to police dogs


A group of Facebook users are calling for a crackdown on police canines, telling the world that K9s apparently also fall under the “ACAB” narrative.

Valkyrie Weather, a resident of Chicago who is self-described as a “Trans sex worker [and] clinical psychotherapist in training,” made a claim that police dogs cannot be trusted as long as they are under the care of their K9 handlers.

Image credit: Valkyrie Weather via Facebook.

Weather, who has also shown support for Antifa, was clear in her Facebook post that while she liked dogs in general, there was no quarter to be given for those who are four-legged members of law enforcement.

“As soul-wrenching as it is, ‘K9 officers’ can’t be seen as dogs,” she wrote earlier this month. “They can be rehabilitated, but as long as they’re in the custody of the cops they can never be ‘just dogs.’ Rather, they must be seen as weapons used to terrorize and harm the most vulnerable people in our communities.”

“We all know how pushing a snarling police dog off of you is assault on an officer, and an easy way to catch a felony,” she added. “We all know how effective the propaganda it is to show a friendly cop lady show how nice her k9 partner is to the kids at school. We all know how effective they are at mutilating innocent people.”

The post then took a turn for the dramatic, apparently quoting individuals who were forced into SS camps by the Nazis during World War II.

As of Thursday, the post had over 1,100 shares and plenty of people who were willing to openly agree with her.

“Police dogs deserve better but as long as they’re police dogs, they’re enemies, just like cops,” Texas native Veronica Anne Smith replied. ACAB [All Cops are Bastards] means ALL.”

Others simply targeted their anger towards police.

“Nazis adore cops, most cops ARE out and out nazis,” wrote Trixie Nightshade, a self-proclaimed sexworker who studied sociology.

One woman, who went by the name Anastasia Snow, claimed she was in Minneapolis when she encountered police horses, which would also fall under “ACAB.”

“That reminds me of the protest in Minneapolis outside of the Trump rally,” she wrote. “Before some of us got trampled by police on horseback and assaulted by a cop with a bicycle. We were all shouting ‘get those animals off those horses.’” 

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