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‘Not a bad kid’: Mom doesn’t want video of son beating student released (graphic content)


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A Tennessee woman is upset that a video of her 17-year-old stepson curb-stomping another teenager after getting off the school bus is making its rounds on the internet, insisting that he is “not a bad kid.”

The video in question surrounds a 2016 incident involving then 17-year-old Mickal Ladd, an African-American youth who was caught on camera when he assaulted a Caucasian 16-year-old male- striking and head-stomping him before stripping the victim down and beating him with a belt like a whip.

According to stepmother Chloe, she feels that her stepson -who pled guilty to aggravated assault- didn’t do anything that warrants ruining his life with a criminal record and poor reputation.

“My son is not a bad kid, he is a very, honest to God, even though you don’t see it in that video, Mickal has a very big heart, he cares for others,” Chloe said in an interview with a local news station. “But at the same time, he’s taught [sic] his self to protect himself and honestly it’s sad that the world that’s what they are perceiving of my son because that’s not who he is.”

The father of the victim, who released the video, says that his son suffered extensive injuries from the attack and also influenced the decision to homeschool rather than put him back into a volatile school such as Murfreesboro’s Riverdale High.

“[My son] was kicked in the head and suffered a concussion, he does not remember attack to this day,” John, the victim’s father, said. “When we see no remorse in [Ladd’s] face… it worries me about the community.”

Chloe admits her son made a mistake, but feels it shouldn’t bear such heavy consequences- even going so far as to make a race-related statement on the matter.

“A bad mistake has given everyone an opinion and now he’ll just be another little black boy with a felony on his record and nobody cares,” Chloe said. “Nobody cares and that’s the sad part about it, no one will care. No one will care that he’s smart. No one will care that he’s a loving person. No one will care that he wants to do better he wants more for his life no one will care. They’ll just see that one bad mistake.”

According to Fox17, Ladd is currently residing in Rutherford County Jail for Felony Aggravated Assault.



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    • He came up as Boy exited His School bus and jumped Him from behind. Told Police it was over a Girl. It was a planed attack,His Friend filmed it for Him. Boy doesn’t remember anything.

    • The boy who was beat up was friends with the attackers girlfriend. The attacker had been threatening him for some time prior to the assault from what I read in other articles.

  1. Why is it that it is always the poor person committing the assault who is a good kid that din do nuttin wrong. That kid assaulting the other one is a loving child and godly child so who fcuking cares about the other one right?

  2. What about the victim???? Why should we EVER feel sorry for those who bully and assault others? Mama, I don’t really care that your criminal stepson is a “good boy with a kind heart”. Good boys with kind hearts don’t go around pounding on people, whipping them and stealing from them.

  3. This boy is a criminal and should be punished for this beating. If he is such a good boy then why beat someone almost to death? Good boys don’t do things like that. He will do it again to someone else. Maybe he can get anger management classes in jail.

  4. Really? I don’t think that you really know your child as well as you think. It is one thing to defend yourself in a fight but it takes a special kind of person to jump a person, head-stomp them, rifle their pockets and then beat them with their own belt. Seems to me he needs to be charged as an adult and get some prison time.

  5. Good boy! OMG if this is good, what would you consider to be bad. I hope they end up giving him a punishment that will leave him in jail for many years. As far as I am concerned this is attempted murder!
    Mom’s of those who do wrong always say “He is a good boy” Yeah Right!

  6. Will be tried as an adult and Will get at least 10 years if not more. A complete monster. Oh wait his mother says he is really a good caring kid and should get another chance to pummel someone else….my bad.

  7. I hope that the AB’s teach him a lesson in the joint, too bad Tennessee no longer has the kind of prison and chain gang systems they had 90-100 years ago. Maybe they should have special camps just for animals like this, where corporal punishment (bullwhipping or caning) are standard operating procedure


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